Control your tunnel.

Tunnel construction is extremely challenging with very specialized and unique requirements.

Ensure your project is built in the most efficient manner with minimum rework and material waste by requiring the most efficient tunnel measurement & documentation technology available.

Amberg TMS tunnel surveying systems

Amberg TMS / Leica Tunnel Surveying Systems

  • Minimize over/under excavation & shotcrete waste
  • Faster and more accurate concrete formwork
  • High speed, 3D, as-built laser documentation
Amberg geotechnical measurement systems

Amberg Geotechnical & Seismic Prediction Systems

  • Fast evaluation of deformations and settlements
  • Long range seismic prediction ahead of the tunnel face
  • Minimize risk of construction downtime
Leica total stations and HDS laser scanners

Leica Geosystems Total Stations & HDS Laser Scanners

  • High precision, highest reliability in tunnel environments
  • Automatic target recognition, visible red laser
  • High resolution laser scanners
PPS tunnel machine guidance systems

PPS Roadheader & TBM 3D Guidance Systems

  • High precision, fully automated increases mining productivity
  • Minimizes profile overcut and resulting liner material
  • Eliminates costly re-mining due to undercut
InfraMeasure tunnel services include training installation and support

Tunnel Services Overview

  • Professional system installation & training
  • On-site project ramp-up support
  • Project consulting