What's moving?

Increasingly complex project requirements, tight schedules and budgets require efficient and cost-effective methods to maintain construction integrity and safety.

Throughout all phases of tunnel construction, geotechnical measurements are required to minimize the inherent risks in underground construction.

Our products provide surveyors, geotechnical engineers and project managers the tools to accurately and efficiently recognize, measure, evaluate and manage risks due to settlement and deformation.

Amberg Geotechnics Software

  • Innovative, easy to use, powerful and fast evaluation of geotechnical measurements
  • Convergence & geotechnical sensors in a single system
  • Supports 100's of sensor types (e.g., pressure/load sensors, extensometers, levelling, crack meters, temperature sensors, total stations, distance easurement, etc.)
  • Flexible ASCII data import
  • Visualize tunnel in 3D
  • Manage multiple construction phases
  • Data interpretation in relative or absolute modes
  • Displacement/time diagrams, vector based visualization
  • Replaces manual, excel data entry and reporting