SafeLoadSafeLoad™ Testing Brochure (pdf)

Tested across the country.

SafeLoad™ Key Benefits:

  • Reduces personal injury claim potential
  • Reduces risk of clearance related derailments or collisions
  • Reduces measurement time by at least 50%
  • Reduces manpower requirements by at least 50%
  • Provides photographic documentation of load and securement
  • Enables faster clearance approvals
  • Loads can now be measured from a safe, remote location
  • Reduces blue flag protection requirements / minimizes impact on yard operations
  • Standardizes measurement procedures & accuracies across your network
  • Easy to use & implement with immediate return on investment

SafeLoad™ reduces the complicated and dangerous task of dimensional (high-wide) measurement to a simple, safe, efficient and extremely precise process. The only product of its kind, SafeLoad™ represents the collective results of a very thorough investigation of the unique and specific requirements of dimensional transport. This research is combined with an exclusive and patent pending measurement process designed by a team of surveyors, mechanical engineers and software development engineers with decades of experience in measurement technology and actual field practice.

0 Climbing

Minimizing risks to employees.

SafeLoad™ allows inspectors to easily measure a high-wide load from the ground. This eliminates fall related risks associated with climbing on the railcar, the load or a ladder.

Safety is further enhanced by the capability to measure high-wide loads from a safe distance away from live tracks, reducing the amount of time employees are working in inherently dangerous rail yard environments.

The manual method of measuring a high-wide load is very difficult
3/16 Accuracy SafeLoad laser provides high precision measurements

Unprecedented accuracy.

SafeLoad™ provides measurement accuracies never before achievable with manual methods of measuring high-wide loads.

This is possible through a patent pending system and method consisting of high precision laser technology, an ingenious Track Reference Target (TRT™), easy to use, intuitive software and a thorough understanding of the challenges and requirements of documenting high-wide loads.

SafeLoad™ reduces or eliminates many major sources of errors that exist in the current, manual method of measuring. This includes irregularities in railcars, uneven tracks and human errors such as reading a tape measure wrong, transcription errors, rounding errors and mathematical errors.

SafeLoad™ TRT demonstration for AAR Committee Patent pending TRT provides  precise high-wide measurements

The patent pending TRT™ provides precise relationship of laser measurements to the track per AAR guidelines - Opposite: demonstration to AAR OTLR Committee. (prototype shown)

SafeLoad can precisely measure items as small as a bolt

SafeLoad™ enables inspectors to easily and accurately measure small features on a high-wide load (e.g., a bolt), even from a few hundred feet away from the load if necessary.

x2 Efficiency

Doubled efficiency (or more) on day one.

The current, manual method of measuring a high-wide load usually requires two or more people and often a ladder or a lift truck.

With SafeLoad™, one person can now measure a high-wide load in less time than the current two person method, all while achieving higher accuracy and with less risk of personal injury.

This allows our clients to utilize the second employee to perform other value added tasks, making the Return On Investment start on day one.

High-wide train measured by one person away from live tracks

One person measures a high-wide train with SafeLoad™ during testing in Decatur, IL. (laser simulated for clarity).

0 Paper Forms

Your standard clearance

Through close cooperation with Class I railroads, leading railroad consultants and research of industry standard specifications, SafeLoad™ provides our clients with a familiar, easy-to-use interface when entering administrative data relating to the load being measured.

Customizable drop lists enable fast, accurate and legible data entry. Data fields can be optional or mandatory depending on your requirements. Embedded quality control guidance measures further reduce or eliminate human error.

Archiving and sharing reports is now simple and effective.

SafeLoad makes data entry fast and accurate
100% User Guidance

Step by step guidance with MeasureLogic™

SafeLoad™ enables the lay person to perform high precision measurements of a high-wide load with the highest confidence. Our exclusive MeasureLogic™ user guidance provides easy to follow, step by step instructions throughout the measurement process.

MeasureLogic™ is a dynamic guidance system that changes instructions based on the type of load being measured in accordance with AAR guidelines. This ensures the highest level of quality control that not only guides the user about what needs to be measured but also guides the user on where to measure.

MeasureLogic™ is just one example of why SafeLoad™ sets a new standard in safety, accuracy, efficiency, quality control and standardization across your company.

SafeLoad's exclusive MeasureLogic provides easy user guidance

Plus much more

SafeLoad™ data logger is 7in ruggedized touch screen

Powerful. Simple.

Wireless, Photos, Automatic QC, Email...

SafeLoad™ was designed from the ground up for a very specialized measurement application in a specialized market for a specific end user.

Wireless communication between the laser and the data logger means all measurements are automatically recorded, eliminating many potential human errors.

Photographic documentation provides a new level of reporting that verifies the condition of the load, the securement or anything else that you wish to include with the report.

Automatic QC steps that are embedded in the software provide layers of checking that further ensures data integrity and standardization.

Email from the field enables clearance approval to be issued quicker, eliminates any return trips to the job site, increases overall operational efficiency and ultimately better service to your customer.